We import kitchen hardware, so delivering on time to builders is essential. They provide a faultless service.
For the odd hiccup – and there often is an odd hiccup in our business – HawkEllery go out of their way to fix it. For example, one shipment that had arrived was taking longer to clear customs than usual, and we needed some of those items urgently.
One of our guys was in the area, so HawkEllery spent a couple of hours moving those items from the customs warehouse to their own office and we were able to meet our deadline. We had no complaints about that!

Ben Wallace
Access Group

We distribute an international clothing label and source our products from places all over the world. Hawk Ellery are key to that – they deal with the shipping and also take care of customs entry. They know exactly what we need, and they make it happen.
We’ve dealt with what used to be Hawk for ten years. They’ve always been prompt and efficient. After the merge with Ellery, nothing changed – they’re still good to deal with and good communicators.

Eric O’Brien

We have orders for our sports equipment coming in from all over the world. Hawk Ellery manage all the freighting for us – contacting their agents and making connections so our goods make it to New Zealand in good time.
“Once our stuff arrives, it has to clear customs, and they handle that too. We haven’t used anyone else for a very long time. Their service is always excellent, and as long as Steve Wallace is there, we’ll never change. He knows us, we know him. For us, it’s the boss that makes the difference.

Geoff Owen
Sports Spec

We’ve worked with Hawk for about 20 years. With HawkEllery, it’s the same people and the transition has been seamless. They do a great job, and their staff know our business, which is basically supplying food items to ships all over the Pacific.
Our products cover a range of things – meat, breakfast cereals, fresh fruit and vegetables, alcohol – anything that 2000 people on a cruise ship might want for their meals. We deal in bulk shipments, and that means very large, complex loads.
There’s a lot involved – specialist containers, certificates to show the products are fresh and safe to eat, and fast transport from New Zealand to wherever a ship might be docked, even in the most remote islands.
HawkEllery do all the transporting details for us. They take care of the documentation, make the connections, find linking vessels and so on, and they always arrive on time.
We never use anyone else.

Darrell Lines
Sea Services Ltd

HawkEllery are always excellent and easy to deal with. We use two custom agents for the two sides of the company and HawkEllery handle our polymer business.
Nothing’s too much trouble for them – when occasionally we have something urgent, we only have to let them know. They’re already aware of what we need and they’re ready to go the extra mile and push things through, which is a great response for us.

Sue Barrett

Need a safe pair of hands?

RWC-ballThis giant rugby ball has been one of the most successful tourism promotions in New Zealand history, seen by a worldwide media audience of over 400 million people and playing host to thousands more. It shouldn’t come as any surprise then, that Tourism New Zealand demanded a safe pair of hands to help them move it around the world. After a rigorous tender process, HawkEllery was appointed to the team.

It took no fewer than seven 40 foot shipping containers to hold this award winning venue. Once it’s pumped up, this rugby ball is a true giant at 25 meters long, 17m wide and 12m high. That’s big enough to hold 600,000 regular rugby balls! Or 220 VIPs. HawkEllery took on the job of moving the ball around the world: to the foot of Tokyo Tower in Japan; in front of Australia’s Sydney Opera House; and back home to Auckland’s waterfront in time for kick-off of Rugby World Cup 2011.

Shipping the containers from A to B turned out to be the easy part. Coordinating the complex port-to-site transport to high profile, central city locations was like choreographing a ballet blindfolded. Each set-up and dismantle took up to five days and involved a line-up of players critical to a successful outcome – from MAF and customs officials, to local port authorities and transportation agencies, side loading truck drivers, crane operators, construction teams and audio-visual presentation experts to name a few – with HawkEllery required to play a pivotal role directing proceedings at each point along the journey. ‘

Not only did HawkEllery handle this assignment without dropping the ball, it proved to be a key player in planning, managing and implementing overall campaign logistics. Tourism New Zealand’s rugby ball has proven to be an outstanding ambassador for our country and the game of rugby. HawkEllery is proud to have helped make it a success.

HawkEllery – Trusted partner of Tourism New Zealand

We’re a small volume company, and sometimes we need a bespoke transport solution. Hawk Ellery always provide a great service, whether it’s delivering a one-off container to our own custom-built pallet, or sending a coffee cart down to Queenstown.
“They’re very accommodating, even though with our small volumes and occasional business there’s not a lot in it for them. They make it easy for us, treat us like a valued customer and they take work out of my hands.

Casey Deane
Atomic Coffee